Nobuyuki Sakai

As one of the most clinically experienced neurosurgeons in Japan, Dr. Sakai is Japan's foremost expert in the catheter-based coil embolization procedure which causes overwhelmingly less stress on patient body than the surgical procedure of craniotomy. He is also recognized as the first physician to have performed the stent-assisted treatment for a brain aneurysm in Japan.

Dr. Sakai is Director of Neurosurgery at the Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital and Director of Neuroendovascular Therapy at the Institute of Biomedical Research and Innovation. Dr. Sakai received his medical degree from Kansai Medical University in 1984, where he served as an assistant professor until 1991 when he left for the United States to work as a researcher in the University of California Los Angeles. After returning to Japan, he served as an assistant professor at the Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine and head physician at the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center before joining the Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital in 2001.

Dr. Sakai has performed 6,000 catheter-assisted neuroendovascular procedures (without craniotomy), including 2,000 cerebral aneurysm embolization, 350 cerebral arteriovenous malformation embolizaiton, 400 dural arteriovenous fistura embolization and 1,200 carotid artery stent replacement procedures. He also has experience with more than 1,000 craniotomy & clipping of cerebral aneurysms. Due to the remarkable speed, precision and stability in these procedures, patients who are difficult to treat come from all over Japan to benefit from his vastly-experienced skills. Many doctors also visit to observe and learn from his procedures. Dr. Sakai is also active in giving public lectures on correct knowledge about stroke in plain words.

Dr. Sakai also serves on the board or as a councilor or specialist at 15 medical societies including the Japan Neurosurgical Society, the Japanese Congress of Neurological Surgeons, the Japanese Stroke Society, the Japanese Society of Endovascular intervention, the Japanese Society of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, the Japanese Society for Neuroendovascular Therapy.