Dear Friends,

After completion of the very successful 2015 meeting of WLNC in Chicago, it is our great pleasure to announce that the upcoming 2016 meeting will be held in Shanghai, on May 27-29.

WLNC 2015, the most attended neuro live course of the year, had a full-range, very intense and educative live case discussion platform this year with the live evaluation of cutting-edge endovascular technologies and techniques in complex 22 cases from ISTANBUL, BUENOS AIRES ,CHICAGO, BUFFALO, SHANGHAI AND KOBE..Different liquid embolic agents were used as indicated in emboclosing two different complex spinal AVM / AVFs and a dural AVF. A grade III cerebral AVM was embocured with multiplug technique. A very high flow pial fistula was treated which gave the opportunity to witness and elaborate the new UNO microvessel occluder device deployable from 21 microcatheter and nBCA injection with proximal flow arrest. Several aneurysms with different challenges were treated using different flow diverters including the recent surface modified PIPELINE SHIELD (Medtronic) technology and FRED jr (Microvention) that can be deployed from Headway 21 microcatheter as well as P64 FD (Phenox) and TUBRIDGE FD (Microport). The use of intrasaccular flow modifier-WEB technology (Sequent) was demonstrated in the treatment of wide necked MCA aneurysm. Of course, cases of coiling with adjunctive devices e.g stents including the new Enterprise, also took place with tips and tricks. New densely meshed carotid stent-remodelling device technology / CASPER (Microvention) was also discussed with live cases in addition to intracranial stenting discussion upon a complex M1/MCA stenosis which had had a failed medical treatment. Moreover, in vitro and animal lab demo of the new technologies took place with utmost interest of audience.

At WLNC 2016, there will be again full time and commited live case demonstrations of high-end variety as a hallmark of WLNC from several centers worldwide while very well-known panelists as well as organizers will be discussing all through the live cases with additional companion cases.

Being other unique features of WLNC, learning labs with hands-on experience on a variety of material with the most experienced tutors will also be a part of the meeting, which is an excellent opportunity for the industry to organize practical courses for the attendees throughout the meeting as well as in vitro lab live demonstrations, to evaluate future technologies, will take place.

As a philosophy of our meeting, we keep moving our educative live case platform from one continent to another. Now it is time for WLNC to take on Asia. Exciting Shanghai welcomes you with its oriental hospitality.

Looking forward to seeing you in Shanghai.