Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we would like to welcome you in Los Angeles for the World Live Neurovascular Conference 2017. The Neurointerventional world continues its development and every year we see the appearance of new devices as well as new techniques and treatment philosophies, all in addition to the established treatment procedures. WLNC is providing a unique platform to share the expertise, to confront with the entire portfolio of tools, to engage in open discussions with no boundaries while witnessing the case management in real situations.

This year is no different than the previous ones, as live transmission will include many challenging cases from all over the world: from Istanbul and Ankara to Buenos Aires, Limoges and three centers in US; Chicago, L.A and Jacksonville. The cases will be discussed continuously, all day long. The experts from all over the world will share their experience while discussing the index case and the companion cases managed previously during the live case treatment. There will be learning labs to get familiar with the new devices under the supervision of the experts. Stroke will have the emphasis it deserves and the experts from different specialties and practices will have a half-day dedicated discussion to address all the current ‘hot' issues. Additionally, the roles of Nurses and Stroke Team working with a mobile stroke unit will be highlighted.

This year's host city, Los Angeles is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, making it truly global. Culture, nightlife, sun, ocean and the Hollywood Hills, L.A has it all. The city is not only home to 211 sites that are on the National Register of Historic Places but also unique in the entertainment world of cinema, TV, music and literature.

We have no doubt that you will enjoy the dynamic nature of the live transmission with critical tips and tricks and most relevant discussion from a wide variety of expertise while you can indulge yourself in the unique excitement of LA's life.

Thank you for joining us in the World Live Neurovascular Conference in L.A. and for contributing to this unique event.

Best Regards,