Graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Melbourne Australia in December 1996 (1991-96), MBBS (Melb)

Post graduate training

Pre-surgical training

1997 Finished internship in Goulburn Valley Base Hospital, Australia
1-8/1998 6 months resident job in Geelong Hospital, Victoria Australia, mainly worked in the Emergency Department

Basic Surgical Training

1998-2002 basic trainee based at Kwong Wah Hospital Neurosurgical Unit

Neurosurgical Higher Training

2002-2007 Higher trainee based at the Neurosurgical Department of Queen Elizabeth Hospital and United Christian Hospital, Hong Kong

Neurosurgical Overseas Training (post-fellowship)

10/2014 overseas Neurointerventional attachment at Asan Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea
6-7/2017 overseas Neurointervantional attachment at Alfred Krupp Hospital under Prof Chapot, Essen Germary

Post graduate Qualifications

10/2007 Successful in passing the Joint Specialty Fellowship Examination between Hong Kong and Edinburgh in Neurosurgery, FHKAM (surg), FRCS(SN)(Edin)
3/2001 Successful in Part II examination of the MRCS (Edin)
9/1999 Passed Part I of the Membership Examination of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (MRCS)

Clinical Experience and Ability

Altogether 20 years experience in the Neurosurgical field in Hong Kong Currently work in Neurosurgical Department of Princess Margaret Hospital (HongKong) as Consultant

Operative experience

From 2002, involved in more than 3000 open neurosurgical operations. Since 2008, subspecializing in neuroendovascular interventions, started up Neuro-IR service in the current hospital since 2013. Currently performing >100 cases per year including

  1. Carotid stenting
  2. Embolization and stenting of intracranial aneurysms
  3. Embolization of cerebral AVF and AVM
  4. Tumor embolization
  5. Endovascular mechanical thrombectomy in acute stroke

Publications and Presentation

10/2017 Flow Re-direction Endoluminal Device (FRED) for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms: results and outcomes in 2 centres, Mahboobani Neeraj R, Tony KT Chan, best paper award WFITN congress 2017
7/2017 Acute Stroke - Neurosurgeon's prospective, lecture speaker of the PMH Acute Stroke Symposium
11/2016 A Neuroendovascular Nightmare, lacture speaker of the HKSITN Annual Scientific Meeting 2016
2/2015 Transient Cortical Blindness Following Vertebral Angiography: A Case Report LW Lo MD, HF Chan MD, KF Ma MD, LF Cheng MD, Tony KT Chan FCSHK; Neurointervention 2015;10:39-42
2014 Post-transplantation primary central nervous system lymphoma in a patient with with systemic lupus erythematosus and prolonged use of immunosuppressant Teresa PK Tse, MB, ChB; Allan NL Chan, FHKCEM, FHKAM (Emergency Medicine); Tony KT Chan, FCSHK, FHKAM (Surgery); YC Po, FCSHK, FHKAM (Surgery); Hong Kong Med J 2014 Dec;20(6):541-4
2009 Oral presentation in a case series of managing Blister like ICA aneurysms. AFITNS Montreal Canada
2009 Compound depressed skull fracture caused by a flying model helicopter Yu-Bun Yung*, Kam-Tong Chan, Fung-Ching Cheung; Surgical Practice Volume 13, Issue 2, pages 60-62, May 2009
2006 Retrospective study of patients with multiple SAHs after treatment. Is it the treatment failure or is it the patients factors?
Invited for submission to the Surgical Practice of the College of Surgeons of Hong Kong
2006 Local experience in endovascular stent-assisted embolization for management of intracranial aneurysms. Surgical Practice (HK)
2/2004 Ruptured anterior cranial fossa aneurysm associated with arteriovenous fistula. Ann Coll Surg. HK (2004) 8, 25-28
1/2002 Always expect the unexpected in appendicectomy. Ann Coll Surg. HK (2002) 6, 28-29