This year WLNC- OCIN Joint Meeting 2021 meeting will be held in hybrid format. Dates of the meeting are set on 20-22 October 2021 in Chinese Time Zone, since the physical part of the meeting will be held in Shanghai, China. We are aiming to showcase the global WLNC experience especially to thousands of Chinese colleagues. In this regard we have scheduled our meeting right before OCIN and merged the last half day afternoon slot exclusively into the OCIN program.

In addition to the physical aspect in Shanghai, we will be streaming the entire meeting as a Live Virtual Experience like last year. This year, a Live Studio in Istanbul, Turkey will be in the air, where the faculty will be gathered in person to ensure the great debates and the interactivity between faculty members, participants in the meeting hall as well as with the Live Case Transmission centers.

It will be another exciting meeting where more than 4 world renowned centers will transmit a full variety of live cases. The hot topics of WLNC 2021 will be mini flow diverters, surface modifications on flow diverters, revolutionary intra-saccular flow disrupters and current stroke practice with latest technologies. Curative AVM and DAVF management using multi-plug flow control technique and trans-venous approach will continue to be the groundbreaking hot topic with the revolutionary impact of mini-double lumen balloons in 2021 meeting.


This conference is designed for neurosurgeons, interventional neuroradiologists, neurologists, endovascular surgeons, residents, nurse clinicians, physician assistants and interventional technicians, and other health care professionals with a special interest in the field of neurointerventional and cerebrovascular surgery and will be directly applicable to their practices.


WLNC provides the latest evidence-based data presented by leading physicians, nurses, and scientists that will affect the practice of neurointervention and endovascular medicine. WLNC showcases the practical applications of current and emerging techniques and technologies and unparalleled diversity of live-case presentations from universities and medical centers from around the world. In the field of neurointervention, only WLNC combines the hands on and practical learning that physicians need to improve patient outcomes.


The overall goal of this activity is to improve competence and performance of our target audience by delivering cutting-edge educational content that showcases the latest advances in current therapies and clinical research. We hope that our longstanding commitment to lifesaving innovation will translate into improved patient care.


  • Apply the results from important clinical trials and evidence-based medicine to guide management of patients with cerebral aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, acute stroke, cerebrovascular ischemic and hemorrhagic disease
  • Incorporate new interventional technologies and techniques into the care of patients with complex cerebrovascular disease
  • Integrate advances in diagnostic evaluation and therapeutics to patients with carotid, vertebral, intracranial and spinal arterial disease
  • Implement appropriate pharmacologic management in the care of patients undergoing diagnostic angiography and interventional therapies before, during, and after catheterization
  • Improve safety and workflow in the angiography suite sharing knowledge between physicians, technicians and nurses
  • Prepare your endovascular team for joint commission comprehensive stroke accreditation


It is the policy of the Cerebrovascular Research and Education Foundation (CREF) to ensure balance, independence, objectivity, and scientific rigor in all of its sponsored educational activities. Commercial support from industry does not influence educational content, faculty selection, and/or faculty presentations and therefore, does not compromise the scientific integrity of the educational activity.

Discussion of off-label product usage and/or off-label product use during live cases is made at the sole discretion of the faculty. The conference directors of this activity and CREF do not endorse the off-label product usage or discussion.

Faculty participating in continuing medical education activities sponsored by CREF are required to disclose to the activity audience any real or apparent conflicts of interest related to the content of their presentations. Non-complying faculty are not permitted to participate in this activity.


This conference is partially funded through educational grants from commercial supporters. The Cerebrovascular Research and Educational Foundation (CREF) ensure that its programs are educational and meet the needs of the target audience. To support this endeavor, the directors and co-directors of WLNC create organizational and scientific committees to assist in the development and oversight of educational content for live cases, e-poster sessions, practical workshops (learning labs), and scientific lectures. These sessions are developed without influence from commercial supporters.